Big Red Tequila


Big Red Tequila by Rick Riordan. Jackson “Tres” Navarre and his enchilada-eating cat, Robert Johnson, pull into San Antonio and find nothing waiting but trouble. Ten years ago Navarre left town and the memory of his father’s murder behind him. Now he’s back, looking for answers. Yet the more Tres digs, trying to put his suspicions to rest, the fresher the decade-old crime looks: Mafia connections, constructions site payoffs, and slick politicians’ games all conspire to ruin his homecoming. It’s obvious Tres has stirred up  a hornet’s nest of trouble. He gets attacked, shot at, run over by a big blue Thunderbird-and his old girlfriend, the one he wants back, is missing. Tres has to rescue the woman, nail his father’s murderer, and get out of Dodge before mob-style Texas justice catches up to him. The chances of staying alive looked better for the defenders of the Alamo. (I did not write this it was on the back of the book)

(I did write this:) This book was good in the beginning, but it surprised me by how slow the pace was. I’ve of course read all of Rick’s other book for younger kids (Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kand Chronicles, etc.), and they were very fast paced, and easy to understand. I didn’t find that with this book. There were a few to many characters, and was a little hard to follow. Also, this book isn’t for kids, it has very strong language, I wouldn’t recommend reading this book till you’re at least 14 or 15.

3 out of 5 stars. Sorry Rick. :l


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