skin-250Skin by Ted Dekker. This book has some background too, lol: So, my school has a library, and I used to always go in their and see this book. My library books would either have a white or yellow sticker on the spine. The books with white stickers were for anyone, and the yellow stickers were for “older” kids. Skin was a yellow sticker book, and I always asked the librarian if I could read it yet, and she always said, wait till I was older. Finally the time came when I was finally old enough to read Skin and I checked it out and read it. I was glad the librarian told me to wait, because Skin was a really scary book that I could only read during the day otherwise I’d get nightmares. lol.

Now you probably want to know what the book’s about. Well…this book’s about 5 people who are stuck in a town because of an oncoming storm. When the storm got bad they all took cover. When they woke up the town was gone, and they were the only one’s left along with Red, a seriel killer. Red wants them all dead for being “ugly”. The 5 people want to survive and find out what happened to the town.

Definitely a good book, just beware, it is pretty scary. Don’t read unless you’re over 12-13 years old. Haha.

5 out of 5 stars


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