The Star of Kazan


The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson. This book has some funny background in my life: I was on vacation, and I made a stupid mistake and didn’t bring enough books with me. I read A LOT on vacation, so it was only like the 3rd day in the week long vacation when I ran out of things to read, so we went to the only book store (we were on an island), and I found this book. I recognized the author, Eva Ibbotson, because I had read Which Witch, I book I rather enjoyed. I bought the book, and it saved my vacation.

Here’s a super short summary: Anika, a girl adopted as a baby, gets a box full of jewels. Then her so called “mother” takes her away to live with her.

That was short, sorry, but the book wasn’t short I’ll tell you that much. The book was over 400 pages, and normally it doesn’t take me more than a week to read a 400 page book, because I’ll read about a 100 pages a day, but this book took me FOREVER! I didn’t run out of anything to read for the rest of my vacation, and the rest of that month. Haha. I absolutely HATE slow-paced books, I just can’t stand them! I once saw a quote by Jane Austen (I think. lol) that said something like: “The best books aren’t long enough.” Meaning you read them really quickly, and are sad they’re over. When I finished this book, I was jumping of the walls with joy, because I was finally able to read something else. Sorry Eva Ibbotson, I don’t mean to shoot down your book, I’m sure some people enjoyed it.

3 out of 5 stars


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