The Hobbit 


The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. So I know that this is obviously a very well known book and a lot of people love it, so I decided to give it review. Lol. I did read The Hobbit a couple years ago, but I was much younger and I didn’t understand it. So I decided to read it again (mainly cause I had to for school. Haha) and I liked it so much better this time. This book is definitely a classic that every book nerd needs to pick up and read at least once in their life! 

On to the summary: Bilbo Baggins is a calm, carefree Hobbit who lives in the Shire.  One day Gandlaf, the great wizard, and thirteen dwarves come pounding in his door. They want to go on a journey to steal back the gold and treasure that was taken from them my the dragon, Smaug. They needed a fourteenth member on their journey and Gandalf volunteered Bilbo. So, Bilbo gets whisked away on the journey of his lifetime, fighting spiders, goblins, wolves, and much more. 

So yeah, if you like fantasy or Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings, definitely read this book. The only thing I have to warn you about is that this is a VERY slow-paced book. So if you want a light quick read. Don’t read this. Lol. It was also a bit too long. I mean page wise it was only 306, but there were some parts at the end of the story that didn’t need to be in there. 

4 out of 5 stars


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