Cinder by Marissa Meyer. So first off, let  me say that I love science fiction, but usually I don’t go as far as cyborgs and all that fun stuff. But this book, was amazing. I loved it. It was a very strong sci-fi/fantasy book, like there’s no way that you could pretend the character and story is real. (It’s kinda hard to understand, but basically reading this book and connecting to the characters was different, because I didn’t feel like I was connecting to a cyborg girl, I felt like I was connecting to a real person. Haha sorry, like I said, hard to describe.)

So basically this book was about a girl named Cinder. She’s a mechanic, and she’s also cyborg. Most people don’t like cyborgs, but it does have its advantages, because Cinder is the best mechanic in all of New Beijing. This reputation brings the one and only Prince Kai to her stand, looking for someone to fix his broken android. That’s not the only thing going on in Cinder’s life though, a plague has spread all over New Beijing, and people are dying left and right from it. So, when Cinder’s sister catches it, everything goes downhill…fast.

Like I said before, I loved this book. The ending was fantastic, and I really need to go get the second book in the series. Lol. But seriously, I seriously recommend this book. Haha.

5 out of 5 stars


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