Emotions by Arnulfo Cantarero. This was another book that was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, so here’s my honest review.

A synopsis first: Jason can’t feel emotions. He is on the earth, but he can’t feel happy, sad, hurt, or even love. Jason has to survive life and at the same time make sure he doesn’t reveal to his closest friends his secret. Jason and his Computer in his head work together through Jason’s “super” body to help people and protect the people he wishes he could love.

I really suck with summaries, sorry, but that’s not really the important part of a review anyway.

My opinion: I was very impressed with the author of this book. For me, it would be very hard to create a character who has no emotions. At the beginning of the book, I was like, “How on earth is this character going to develop?” I honestly thought I would end up hating Jason, but boy was I wrong. Arnulfo Cantarero managed to create an amazing character who grows and develops like any other character with emotions. Jason was a fun person to follow through his life, watching him grow up trying to gain back those emotions he never had. Overall I really enjoyed this book and the story. There were a few parts that felt kinda slow, and even though it had a good ending, I was secretly hoping it would end a different way. But that’s okay, I believe the author did a fantastic job, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read this book. 🙂

4 1/2 out of 5 stars



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