Surviving on a Whisper


Surviving on a Whisper by Emilee King. Before I go into details about my thoughts, let me give you an idea of what the book was about.

Summary: This book was about a girl named Arie. Arie has a secret that makes her life very dangerous and hard to live. When she meets a woman, Erika, and is forced to hang around her enemy, Sark, everything changes. But it changes in a way Arie doesn’t expect. Can she accept this new reality that is happening to her? Can she trust anyone? Can she stay safe? And most important of all: Can she keep her secret?

Opinion: Not gonna lie, I went into this book expecting it to not be anything overly fantastic or life altering or even good in general. But Oh. My. Gosh. was I wrong. This book was absolutely fantastic. I loved it so much. It was so freaking good. There was a perfect, and I mean perfect, ratio of like good things happening vs. bad things happening, and the characters were portrayed perfectly so that I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the whole book, afraid that some awful betrayal was gonna happen, or that someone was gonna die, or just something that would change the course of the book. Just when you thought that all was okay, something awful would happen. And just when you thought you could trust a person, they’d do something to make you suspicious again. The way it was all written was just perfect. It kept me entertained the whole time. I was hooked on the story, and there was no stopping me. And then when I was sure the book was done amazing me, it took my breath away once again. The author of this book sent me this book and the sequel in return for an honest review. So, I knew that this book was going to have an ending that led to a next book, and I was worried that it wouldn’t have a good ending. Dang was I was wrong once again, what the author had in mind vs. what I had in mind for the ending was completely different. I thought she was gonna end this book with some cliché ending, and then I would have to go into the next book kinda bored with the characters and the story. BUT OH MY GOSH! Never again am I going to judge a book before I read it, like I did this one. The ending was phenomenal. I have no words for it. My mind was blown. It was the ending I didn’t think it would have, but it was the ending I wanted it to have so badly. I couldn’t pick up the second book fast enough. Boy was I grateful the author sent me both copies at the same time, or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep through the night (get it, it was supposed to be a joke, cause the second book is called, Surviving Through the Night. LOL) I’m still thinking about all the characters and everything that happened. I was simply shocked at the pure perfection that was this book.

So basically I say all that to say: Read this book. Just read it.

5 out of 5 stars


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