Surviving Through the Night


Surviving Through the Night by Emilee King. So before I go into this review, I wanted to warn you that if you have not read the first book in this series, than this review will most likely spoil something for you that happens in the first book. So, if you haven’t read the first book, stop now and go read it, then come back and read this review. Lol.

So I’m also gonna try really hard not to spoil anything in this book, but I also want to make sure I give a full review. I’m not gonna reveal a spoiler as in like how the book ends, but I am gonna talk about like characters development and things that happen in the book, that are somewhat spoilery. So, if you’re super worried about spoilers, maybe don’t read this review… You can read the summary below, but you might not necessarily want to read my opinion.

Here’s a summary from Goodreads, cause I didn’t want to accidentally spoil something in my own plot summary:

Life goes on. At least it’s supposed to. These days, Arie isn’t so sure.

She finally managed to escape Dalton’s grasp and find her way back to her makeshift family, but eight months is a long time to be away from home—Arie returns to find that the world kept on turning while she was gone. Alexis has been busy since Arie’s secret got out and she realizes that she’ll have to work harder than ever to keep the key away from him.

But Alexis isn’t the only problem. Dalton’s threat hangs over Arie, dictating her every move, which nobody else seems to understand. And when a sinister assassin begins tracking her down, Arie knows it’s only a matter of time before someone she loves gets hurt again. So the question remains: should she leave in an effort to keep her family safe or stay with those she loves to help them survive?

As danger closes in from all sides, Arie realizes more and more that she’s not who she used to be. Survival comes at a cost, a cost that changes people, a cost that changed Arie more than she’s willing to admit. But there’s something else lurking in the corners of her mind that’s threatening to take control. Her fight against the clock—against her engrained powers as the key—is nearly up.

So now for my opinion on this book. I have a lot to say, so stay with me. First of all, I want to start by saying that I was very thrilled with this amazing sequel. A lot of times sequels pale in comparison to the first book, and I will say that I did like the first book better, but this one wasn’t far behind at all. And that’s usually how it is for me with most series, not just this one.

So I would like to talk about my thoughts on Arie, the main character of this story. I really liked her in the first book, but in this book, I kinda felt like she was turning too much into one of those characters who are always like, “Oh, woe is me.” Yes, I do understand why Arie acted this way. I would probably honestly act the same way too if I went through everything Arie had to. Now, event though I did end up understanding the personality change of Arie, I didn’t like that she was constantly thinking no one cared about her, and because she thought no one cared about her, she always did things that hurt the people that loved her, especially Sark. She would try to “protect” the people she loved, by doing stuff like running away, and things that actually just make everything worse. I think the problem was was that she was too prideful. She knew she needed the help of others, but she didn’t want to admit it, and that made me mad. It’s okay to have help. It’s what your loved ones are there to do. They want to help you, so just let them. I also sometimes felt that Arie was trying to hard to be selfless. Like she would do something that she believed would benefit everyone else, but it ended up just hurting everyone else, and the deed that was meant to be selfless turned selfish. I am glad that she kinda started to realize towards the end that she was getting this way. I thought that would change how she acted in the end, and it kinda did, but then it kinda didn’t, but I’ll get to the ending more later. Let’s talk about Sark. Poor Sark. That poor guy had to deal with so much in this book. Stuff specifically relating to Arie. Arie put Sark through a lot in this book, and sometimes I was mad at her for not treating him better after all he had done for her. I love Sark. He was easily my favorite character in this story. And even though he isn’t the main character, I loved the development he went through throughout this whole series. Sark was a great guy, and I impressed by the way he handled Arie, and all her issues. I also really liked a lot of the new characters that were added into this story. There were so many that I thought just added very nicely to Arie’s life, so I’m glad Emilee King wrote them in.

So moving away from the characters and onto my opinions of the plot and ending. I thought the plot moved a little slow at first in this book, but oh man, half way through this book, I was hooked. There was no stopping me. From like page 250-the end I couldn’t put it down. Especially like the last 100 pages. They were so good. The ending was so good, I actually cried. There were tears pouring down my face. At first I wasn’t happy with the way this book ended, I thought Arie was acting selfish and prideful, and it didn’t end the way I wanted it to, but then as I stopped and thought about it, I really ended up liking the ending after all. I hope there is another book coming, because I need one after the way this book ended. Lol.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the writing. The writing in the first book was good. But the writing in this book was amazing. I can tell that the author had more experience between book one and two, and it showed in the writing. I thought the writing was fantastic in this book. There were some funny lines that made me chuckle, like the following: “The awkwardness was thick enough to keep an Eskimo cozy at Christmas.” But then there were also these really serious, emotional lines that made me stop and go, “Dang, that was good.” Here’s an example of one of those: “I guess that’s one of the great things about the worst times in life: the stars never shine brighter than they do in the dark.” I mean, you can’t tell me that sentence didn’t blow you away. I thought it was beautiful. So beautiful. I was overall very impressed by the writing in this book. Emilee King is on a great path to becoming an even greater author. 🙂

So that wraps up all my opinions on this book specifically. I highly recommend both books in this series so far. They were both equally fantastic.

With all that I said, I decided to give this book:

4 ½ out of 5 stars.





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