The Siren


The Siren by Kiera Cass. So I had some mixed feelings about this book. I didn’t necessarily think it was the best Kiera Cass book, but before I tell you why I thought that, here’s a plot summary:

Kahlen is a Siren. She belongs to the ocean for 100 years. That means she’s immortal. She doesn’t get older, she doesn’t get sick, and every once in a while she is called to go “sing,” so that the Ocean can survive. But, one day Kahlen meets a boy, named Akinli, at the library. She falls in love, but she knows that it would never work out, because of her “situation.” Kahlen thinks the answer is separating herself from him, but in the end will she find out that that just hurts her and him even more?

So, now for my thoughts. First of all, don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy this book. I thought the whole idea behind the plot was really cool and stuff. I liked the characters, and the storyline overall was pretty good. Kiera Cass is also a very good writer. She always has these amazing one liners in all of her books that just give you all the feels. I really liked this line from this book: “This wouldn’t have ended a chapter. It only would have forced me to turn a page.” You can always find amazing lines like that in any Kiera Cass book. Now some things that did bother me… 1. I wish Kahlen and Akinli would’ve spent more time together. Instead if felt like Kahlen spent more time moping around because they weren’t together. FOR GOSH SAKES GIRL, IF THE BOY MAKES YOU HAPPY GO BE WITH HIM! 2. I felt like the plot kinda moved slow at some parts, and it left me like, “Come on Kahlen, get your life together and make something happen.” I did like the ending of this book, I thought it was very cute and romantic, but there were also some sad parts in this book that I liked too. Overall, I would say this is definitely worth the read, BUT if someone were to ask me which Kiera Cass book they should read first, I would not point them towards this book.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars


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