Timesurfers by Rhonda Sermon. So I was sent an ebook version of this book in return for an honest review. So before I tell you my opinions on this book, here’s a synopsis:

(Copied from Goodreads): “You’ve misunderstood. It’s not a choice. It’s a destiny.”
When fifteen year old Cate accidentally brings a dead cheerleader back to life her connection to the secretive Timesurfers is revealed. The Timesurfers travel through time and battle the powerful dark forces intent on manipulating history. Cate must discover her powers, choose a side and end a centuries old war. No pressure.

So now for my thoughts and opinions on this book. First of all I thought the book was overall good. I liked a lot of the characters, especially Cate. Cate’s the main character of this story, and she goes through some really nice character development that I really enjoyed. I also really like Austin. *smirking face* I also thought the whole idea/plot for this book was very cool and creative. It was fun, but at times it was hard to follow. There were parts in this book that I got a little confused with all the different names, and sides, and times, and I just overall found some stuff hard to understand. Because I wasn’t quite following the book, when, what I assume was the plot twist occurred, I didn’t quite get it. And even though I did like Cate a lot, it was hard for me to feel an emotional connection to her. I mean that’s okay though, I read a lot of books that I don’t feel an emotional connection to the main character, yet I still like the book. This review kinda makes it sound like I didn’t like the book, but that’s not true. I really did enjoy this book. It was a fun read, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a fun, sci-fi, time-travel type story. 🙂

4 out of 5 stars




2 thoughts on “Timesurfers

  1. thepleasuresofbooks says:

    I might pick this up now, after reading your review. But to add another book to my infinite TBR list might not be that great of an idea… But oh well, it’s bound to happen anyways.. If I see this book I’ll definitely pick it up!


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