Why We Broke Up


Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. So this book was different, because you read the book already knowing what is going to happen in the end. It’s about a girl named Min, who is writing a letter to her ex-boyfriend, Ed, explaining to him why they broke up. I picked up this book expecting a really good love story and then a dramatic break up that would make me cry, and I will say that I was disappointed. First of all, I didn’t like Min and Ed’s relationship. I felt like they didn’t go together well, and that kinda messed up my feelings about when they broke up. I read this book pretty quickly, and it had pictures which was cool and added nicely to the story. Overall though, this book just didn’t have the effect on me that I had hoped it would. I’m disappointed to give this book the rating I did.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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