Lucky Me





Lucky Me by Saba Kapur. I would like to start by saying that this book was awesome, but before I go into detail on my opinions I want to provide you with a plot summary.

Summary from Goodreads: For eighteen year old Gia Winters, having a movie star for a father, a former Playboy bunny as a mother, a Hollywood mansion, and a closet stocked with Chanel is simply another day in the life.

But her world is turned upside down when her father mysteriously hires a group of bodyguards to trail the family 24/7 and threatening phone calls from a “Dr. D” start buzzing daily.

When Gia scores the coveted role of Miss Golden Globe, she is forced to strike a deal with her bodyguard, Jack, who is almost as arrogant as he is attractive. Juggling Gia’s romantic failures, fashion faux pas, and celebrity obsessions, the duo investigate a series of clues with the help of a police cadet, who has a special set of skills and an even better set of dimples.

But with the Golden Globes just around the corner, danger levels rise higher than her stilettos as Gia learns that the biggest secrets might be the ones buried in her own home.

In a place where the hills have eyes, high school nemeses, bad hair days, raging parties, and stolen kisses, there can only be trouble for a girl who was just starting to consider herself lucky.

My Opinion: Okay! Opinion time! The main reason I loved this book was because it was a very fun read. It was cute, and very witty. It was even funny to the point where I found myself laughing out loud sometimes. I loved the story line, and I loved the way the characters dealt with the problems. Gia was a very fun character: one because she had a very funny point-of-view to read from, and two because she was such a diva. Haha. Sometimes she got a little annoying, but what would you expect from a famous movie star’s daughter? I loved loved loved Jack, Gia’s bodyguard. He made me laugh so much. I loved reading parts that involved him (which was a lot of parts considering he followed Gia everywhere lol). The one thing I didn’t like was the ending. I was a little disappointed because Gia didn’t make a choice that I wanted her to, and it made me kind of sad. Other than that though, this book was amazing and I highly recommend it.

4 3/4 out of 5 stars


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