Slayed on the Slopes


Slayed on the Slopes by Kate Dyer-Seeley

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Summary from Goodreads: After talking her way into a job writing for Portland’s Northwest Extreme magazine, Meg Reed may now really be in over her head. Actually, about 8,000 feet over her head. . .

She’s at Mount Hood’s remote Silcox Hut, covering the the seriously hardcore Ridge Rangers– Oregon’s elite high-altitude rescue team–during their four-day winter training. Sure, Meg beefed up her outdoor skills over the summer . . . but she’s still hoping to cover the event with some hot chocolate by the cheery fireplace. Then, during a sudden blizzard, she swears she hears gunshots. No one stranded in the hut believes her . . . until self-absorbed Ridge Ranger Ben Rogers is found outside in a pool of frozen blood. Meg’s now got to find this killer quickly . . . before cabin fever does them all in!

My Opinions (non-spoiler): So I was kind of excited to read this book, but then I started it and…it was not near as good as I’d hoped it’d be. I was honestly disappointed.

The first thing that disappointed me was where the plot went in this book. At the end of the first book there was a cliffhanger, so I expected this book to pick up with the cliffhanger from the first book. I mean, that is the whole point of cliffhangers, but this book didn’t even mention the the cliffhanger until like 150 pages into this book. It made the cliffhanger of the first book completely pointless. I understand where the author was trying to go with the cliffhanger, but I didn’t like the way she did it at all.

The whole plot  of this book was so predictable, and it was probably because the plot of this book was so similar to the plot of the first book. That was not fun to read, cause I saw everything coming. In the first book it was really difficult for me to figure out who the murderer was, but in this book I guessed it as soon as the murder occurred. It just seemed so obvious to me.

Meg, the main character of this series, was really annoying for me in this book. I really liked her in the first book, so I don’t know what happened with this one, but she just drove me crazy. I think that this series would have been better if it had had a different set of main characters for each book.

Then there’s Matt. He’s my favorite character so far. However, his relationship with Meg didn’t make sense to me. At the end of the first book, Meg was saying how she didn’t like Matt as more then a friend, but then when he finally showed up in this book, (which wasn’t until halfway through, also not happy about that) she was practically head over heels in love with him. When did that happen?

There were just too many plot holes in this story. Half of the things that happened didn’t make any sense to me. I was constantly like, “What?” “How did that happen?”

I got really tired of the fact that like every single chapter ended with a bunch of questions. It just made me even more annoyed with Meg.

My expectations going into this third book are very low, but I’m still willing to give it a chance. I have read series before where the second book was not good, but I loved the whole series in it’s entirety. I know it sounds like this book was awful, but it wasn’t as horrible as I might make it sound. There were some parts of the book when I wasn’t annoyed with Meg, and I could actually enjoy the book.


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