One of a Few

One of a Few by Jason B. Ladd. The author of this book actually asked me to read this and review this book. This book was nothing like I’ve ever read before, but that’s not a bad thing. First I will give you a brief summary of the book, and then I will tell you my opinions. 

Summary: This book is kind of hard to describe. It was basically about a soldier and his life story. But as you read the soldier’s story, you learn more about God, Christianity, and defending your worldview. 

Opinions: So I really enjoyed the first part of this book. I learned a lot about my faith, and about defending it. The ending was also very nice. I liked the way it ended. However, I thought the book was a little long. I usually don’t mind long books, but I felt like this book could’ve been shortened a little bit. I also felt like some parts read more like a textbook then a story. Overall though, I do recommend this book, because it definitely helped me look at the world in a different and better way. 🙂 FYI, this book comes out Novemeber 10th, so make sure you go get it!

3 3/4 out of 5 stars (I didn’t want to give this book 4 stars, but I did feel like it deserved more than 3, so I gave it 3 3/4 🙂