Welcome to The Mind of a Book Nerd!

This blog is meant to give a review/summary/opinion of books I’ve read.

You can search for books I’ve reviewed, or you can search genres, authors, or series. I obviously haven’t done book reviews for every book, so if you don’t see the book you wanted reviewed, comment and I can try to read it and write a review.

Also, if you know of a book that’s similar to the books I’ve reviewed, or you think I may like a certain book,  please comment and leave some book recommendations! You can also look at my Goodreads to-read list. If you’ve read one of the books that I want to read, please let me know your opinions on it. 😉

And, if you have a book you’d like me to read and review you can email me at: themindofabooknerd@gmail.com

I cannot guarantee that I will read your book, but I will always consider it. I’m open to reading any books, just as long as you are able to send me a physical copy. I do not accept ebooks. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for visiting The Mind of a Book Nerd!

You can also follow me on other social media:

Instagram: @themindofabooknerd

Twitter: @mindofabooknerd

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  1. Becca Ketelsleger says:

    I have recently published a novel on Amazon, Noble Warrior, and would love if you could do a review! It is free on Kindle with Amazon Prime or I could send it to you via email. Please let me know if you are interested and thanks for being another book nerd!


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